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Wonderful little film. The backstory is just as interesting.

Sloths = Awesomeness.

"don’t let your pride get in the way of doing what you need to do" (via AOTA)

Nice little video from Christopher Hills, a student studying IT in Queensland, Aus. Chris is using a Discover Envoy setup and pretty neatly too having edited this video. Interesting head switch setup - thats not a lot of positioning equipment going on there. Check out Chris’ other video too titled “Priceless”. Along with this video its a nice summary of AT(/OT?). Note how Chris is studying through TAFE (think Open University) too. 

(via Endgadget - The title from Engadget grates the heck out of me though “Even cerebral palsy can’t stop this dedicated video creator”. Not sure if it’s worse than the Verge’s title: “Cerebral palsy afflicted teen edited these inspiring videos with a single key”) 

Dogs Home (every home needs a Harvey)

Do you love Monkeys? Do you love Dubstep? Do you have a penchant for a nice bit of VJing? Then you’re gonna love this..

NB: I do have one problem with this. What is with the monkey in a PVC suit and that “ball” in his mouth. Bizarre. 

Awesome. Dogs are awesome. Great photography

Is it wrong I find this funny? (via DavidScheider)